The UK Poverty Line

 I have regularly stated that Man Wonderful and I live below the line.  

Today I want to talk about this. 

We live in the UK, have a small income and don't spend unless we have to - except for essentials.

When I refer to essentials, I define this as: 

. Somewhere to live

. Food

. Heating

. Water

. Clothing and shoes

. Basic toiletries and cleaning products.

Currently there are poverty lines for different levels of person - if you are working age, have kids, have a pension,  have a disability, etc.

One of us is pension age, one of us is disabled. 

Now then.

A household is considered to be below the UK poverty line if their income is 60% below the average household income after housing costs for that year.

So we do not live below the poverty line. 

But when I say we live below the line, I am correct as we live below the average within the UK for our category of household.

We spend less on fuel, water, clothing and food.

This enables us to save, and if we need to spend we can take time to research our spending.

We are currently saving for winter boots for Man Wonderful.



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