Meal Plan for this week

 I love reading other people's meal plans and shopping adventures.  Regular readers know that we try to limit our spending on everything - we have since 2015.

This is this week's meal plan.

Breakfast is oats mixed with frozen fruit and cooled in the fridge overnight.  

Snacks are pieces of fruit or a little cheese - and are eaten if we go out in the car or miss a meal time.  It stops us spending any cash out and about: unless planned for.


Vegetable curry.  Homemade curry paste and veg that I want to use up as this week's veg is being delivered today from the farm shop.


Cod fillets with pesto vegetables.  This is a recipe we tried last year and it is a regular.


Tofu Stir-fry.  Tofu cubes cooked until crispy on the outside, then veg stir-fried and all served with noodles.


Quorn chilli.  I haven't bought Quorn mince for ages, and want to use up the half-bag we have in the freezer.


Roasted salmon with butternut squash slices and veg.


Garlic veg with red rice.  This is a risotto-type recipe with loads of mushrooms.


A possible meal for all the family. Could be a roast, could be a picnic. Not sure yet.



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