New Shoes on the Cheap

 I'm off to daughter's house shortly, just waiting for the Man Wonderful as I can't drive. 

 Daughter has a number of items sorted out as she is 'doing' a car boor sale at the weekend.  

Amongst these items are books, pottery items and shoes - and we happen to be the same size in shoes.

Now, I don't need any more books - I have a huge pile of 'to read' books (although I read Death of a Bookseller last week and I wouldn't really recommend it - and I'm currently reading Wool by Hugh Howey and it's really good: I'm not really into Science Fiction either, but hey ho!).

What I do want to look through is her pottery bric a brac, as I'm popping rain-proof items in the garden amongst plants and on soil to try and stop puppy from getting soil-y paws.  I know they will be muddy when the rain comes.  

I also really like quirky things in the garden.  I have mirrors behind plants at the fences that reflect light and make the little garden look bigger, a huge pottery shell and a '&' sign in concrete.  

And daughter has shoes for sale.

I don't need any new shoes.  Not at all.

I wouldn't be going shopping for new shoes, spending money on new shoes.  

I have decent walking boots for dog walking, clogs for sunny days and flip flops that have seen better days for decorating or gardening.  I have a 'smart' pair of black heeled shoes that will need replacing come the autumn, as the inside is very worn and gets 'crummy'.  And I have a pair of trainers that came from the charity shop last year.  They were new and in their original box, and cost me £6.  

And now, after the trip to daughter's house I have two pairs of heeled shoes.  One pair of polka dots black and pale pink heels, and one pair of strappy heels in a beige colour (ok, ok I also have a matching handbag, but come on, it was FREE!!).

So I have two new FREE pairs of shoes, and a FREE handbag, and several FREE bits and bobs for the garden.

Just a tip - if anyone you know is having a sort out or getting ready for a car boot - or table top - sale:  pop along for a cuppa and see if you can get something useful like shoes for free or on the cheap.



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