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A Healthy Heart Diet

Sometimes I think there are more 'diet' plans than there are people in the world - it can certainly seem that way! As an adult I have always been aware of eating one way or another.   In my first year at University, I lived in a shared flat.  I was a person who cooked meals that could be frozen for re'heating at a later date.  I cooked curries, stews and soups and bought dried noodles to make into soups.   One of my flatmates didn't seem to eat and was dangerously thin and another owned a deep-fat fryer so you can imagine their meals!  As I was on a small budget I bought from the local market and lived simply (as I still do!). In my second and third years I lived in a large all-female hall of residence that looked not unlike Hogwarts!  It was fully catered and had a good selection of foods to suit the multicultural demographic.  Year four was back to simple living as I moved in with my sister's family. But I digress.. Eating to satisfy the needs of your body is the

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