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Cost of Living

  Lots of news stories recently about the cost of living rise. Many people in news stories saying what is hard/what will be hard. How they will find things much harder. I find myself talking to the TV screen: . Change your phone tariff . Get a lodger . Stop getting takeaway food . Buy cheaper brands . Eat less . Challenge yourself to avoid throwing away food...Cook just enough, make meals from your leftovers. . Sell things you don't need or want . Get an additional job - even a few hours a month. Have someone's pet while they are on holiday. Walk a dog for an older person. Be a cleaner a morning a week.  . Don't upgrade things . Sell additional things - do you need more than one TV? How many pairs of shoes could you sell? . Keep all your receipts for a month, look through them and decide what you don't actually need to buy more of. Why have these people's bills gone up without them making changes in return? We are not paying a huge amount more due to changing our li

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