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Sinking Funds

  Some budgetteers call debt and savings by some funny names. One of these that I hear from time to time is 'Sinking Funds'.  A sinking fund is (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) is:  -  a fund formed by  periodically   setting aside money for the   gradual   repayment   of a debt or replacement of a   wasting   asset. So for example, when you purchase a fridge, once it arrives in your home you begin saving for the next fridge.   This could mean that when you go to purchase a replacement fridge, that you would have the cash to buy it with. It is a good idea in principle, but how far does this go? When you buy a waterproof jacket, do you begin a sinking fund for your next jacket? When you buy the kids' school uniform, do you then begin a fund to pay for the next one? - this one makes sense. So, I thought I'd have a bit of fun and think about if we had 'Sinking Funds', what would we  use them for? - fridge freezer.  We bought a brand new fridge-freezer w

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