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A Big, Ballsy Bill

Oh.  Don't ask.  Our puppy was castrated last week. He is 8 months old, and a really lovely, loving, bouncy lad.  We spoke to the vet at dog's first check-up, and asked about pricing. We were told £250 to £340 - the higher price because our pup only had one ball that had descended, which meant a longer operation. (No, not half price for one nut!) The op went well, and we went to collect him.  The receptionist presented us with the bill:  £490!!!!! Once I could get my breath back, I politely asked if our bill was correct? Man Wonderful had signed the operation permission in the morning with a fee of £340. Why an extra £150?!!! She said she would go and check the amount. Man Wonderful sat and transferred the extra from our saving account to the current account, and  I sat there thinking '£150?!! What the f*÷k?!! ' The receptionist returned and said yes, this was correct. We asked to speak to the Practice Manager.  She confirmed the high price, and said that Man Wonderful

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