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 It's a fun day, and never dull around here!

As regular readers know, we are getting our new pup today.

We need to pay the breeder (that sounds awful - it's a chum whose bitch has had one litter and won't have another: they all live in her house with her not in some awful wet, smelly outdoor kennel...) some cash today.


I have been saving up money to pay for the new pup, and we have the pennies ready.

Yesterday I got the sort code and account number for our chum, and we did a bank transfer.

This morning Man Wonderful had an automated mobile phone call saying there had been potential fraudulent activity on our account.  Following advice on the Money Saving Expert website, he hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, I had an automated mobile phone call saying there was potential fraudulent activity on our bank account.  I also hung up the call.

Then we phoned our bank.

The bank rep. said the call was real.  They had seen unusual activity on our account and needed to check.  We do not usually spend large amounts of money.

This bank check activity is a good thing.

We are not big spenders... ("♬♫♪  Hey Big Spender...!! ♬♫♪")  in fact we are small spenders.  (I recently spent a large amount of £18 at World of Books online because I had a voucher..)


The bank wanted to talk to us about the bank transfer.  Was it us that had made the transfer?


Had we been coerced into making a payment?


Could we please explain what the transfer was for?

Yes...and we did.

Then I was transferred to another person to answer exactly the same questions.

Believe me, I'm not groaning about this - I think it is brilliant.

It is a good way to protect people: and I hope more people use this part of the banking system to be protected from fraud and crime.

We are just about to go to the pet store and buy the last few bits we want; and then onto collecting our new little lad.

More about him later.



  1. I can't wait to hear about your new boy! Yes, I've had the same banking questions that you've had and I also think it's a great thing.

  2. It may be a nuisance at the time but I agree, it really is very good that they are being much more careful nowadays.
    Have a happy time with the new family member. xx


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