Using Everything Up Challenge

 Oh my dear online chums, life can be hard can't it? And it can be sad too.

I feel very blessed sat here typing this on our own laptop, sitting in our safe wee little house; with two dogs sat on the sofa beside me and Man Wonderful on the other sofa across from me.

We are warm, loved and cared for and our bellies are happily stuffed with today's lunch!

And this brings me onto our current challenge:  Using Everything Up.


Those of you who know me will know that I'm a little bit OCD when it comes to being organised.  I like to have meals planned, food bought, cupboards tidy, fridge cleaned weekly etc, etc.. (and I'm sorry but |I'm not just saying this for the sake of social media!)


May was a pricey month.  We had a higher bill than we had anticipated - emergency fund dipped into: hey, that's what it's there for.  And we don't want to spend anything over our bare bones budget until that money is paid back.

So, couple with me repainting the walls of the kitchen, at the start of June we decided that we wouldn't buy food until we had eaten everything we already had.

We realised this could lead to some unusual meals, but hey, we will shop for supplies when we need to.

And it's gone well so far:

  • Fresh veg, cheese, eggs and tofu went in the first week.
  • We have eaten the batch meals from the freezer.
  • Today we had the last of the frozen fish - pan fried salmon with frozen veg.
We have stock still left:
  • tinned tomatoes, lentils, beans, tuna
  • dried lentils, oats, rice, pasta
  • herbs
  • long life soya milk, passata
I think we will get to the end of the month.
It will mean we haven't spent money on shopping except pet food, and will have completely emptied the store cupboards to begin our stores again.

It is a challenge.
But it's not impossible, and it has a really good benefit.



  1. Nice to see you back. I completely understand wanting everything organized and sorted - I've just spend half an hour rearranging things in my fridge - plus I had a look through the pantry this morning just to double-check on what I made need to add and what needs using up sooner rather than later. I have a ton of food here and it's only me so I could go for a good long time except for some fresh fruit & veg and dairy. I also usually only eat two meals a day with maybe a snack around 7pm with that last cup of tea and I don't mind some odd combinations. Just don't want to waste anything. The only items thrown out were a few odds & ends of condiments that have been open for quite a while so not doing too badly.

  2. Omgosh, I don't think we could do that although we do have a lot of tins and frozen foods, I might suggest it to my husband, but I think we'd fail.. well done you!

  3. I do enjoy the Ready, Steady, Cook aspect of using up what I have when required.


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