New Puppy Day 2

 Day 2 with Buster was a super day.  

A couple of little 'wees' just inside the back door, all the pup toys being tossed and played with, many naps and eating his kibble.

Millie Mop is sniffing him then jumoing up on the sofa to watch what he does.  He is respecting her soft bed which is lovely - she likes to eat a biscuit or a carrot on her bed, and he doesn't bother her on there.

A couple of times we took her to the house where he lived before with his siblings and mum, grabdma and great-grandma - and she got to meet them all.  I think this was a good idea.

We are taking it in turns to be around the dogs - our meals are little and snacky for the time being.  Today we had hummus, raw veg and a wrap for our main meal: it makes sense.

I was going to cook a roast meal for the young family today, but I'm busy. 🤗

I am still ploughing through my current reading book - A Little Life.  I can't say I recommend it yet, it's hard work, but worth it.  I don't really remember where it was I read about it, but hey ho!

What are you currently reading?



  1. Buster looks adorable. It's brilliant you've been able to meet his family so much. I don't think I could cope with a puppy, but I fall in love whenever I see a photo. I look forward to more updates.


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