My Garden

 I often mention our wee house, and also talk about growing veg - but I haven't shown you pics of our outside space, so here it is!

This is me, sat on the upper level of our wee garden - these are my actual feet!! If you look closely you just might glimpse a tattoo on the top of each foot...
On the washing line is a hand-stitched paper-pieced quilt made from hexagons in various shades of green
Behind this is a lovely big bamboo plant.

Coming round in view you can see a rose bush next to a big plant that I don't know what it is called!!

Right opposite me is a small wooden fence thing and just in front of that are concrete steps down to a checked pattern patio.. beside me in that thin border is home grown lavender, some wild daisy-thingies, and a box hedge that needs a haircut.  

(I make Man Wonderful laugh when I tell him I need to trim my bush...)

You can see a tent pole - this holds up my washing line.
We live in a small end-terrace house. A real benefit is the newish conservatory. It's brilliant for growing plants from seed as it acts as a greenhouse.
In this pic you can see the colourful pink and yellow slabs.

Can you see my electric piano in the conservatory?
These daisy-type flowers are so cheery, aren't they?

This passage beside the house is almost finished being topped with gravel.
There is our compost bin opposite an outdoor tap.
At the bottom of the pic is one of my French bean plant pots.

These pics are slightly out of order, but as I'm laid on the sofa and it's almost midnight you'll have to cope!
Behind me are 14 tomato plants in a frame.  I'll try to remember to photo them.

Anyway - this is my little rear garden.



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