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 Our Energy package is coming to an end in a few days.  

We have been on a fixed tariff since we moved into our wee house - which was really useful over the chilly winter; although we still lived within our means and tried really hard to keep a small usage.

I have read Money Saving Expert and looked on Money Supermarket to compare company tariffs.  

I had to type in our postcode and house number and it showed our usage for the year.  There were three levels - high, medium and low.  I was pretty amazed that our usage is below the low level.  Very pleased, actually.  

Medium level of usage for a house like ours is:

Gas - 12000 kWh

Electricity - 2900 kWh

and Low level of usage is:

Gas - 8000 kWh

Electricity - 1800 kWh

Ours is:

Gas - 5181 kWh

Electricity - 1295 kWh

There are three companies who have offered variable tariffs.

Two are offering a monthly amount of just under £10 a month more than we are currently paying, and one is offering around £7 a month more than we are paying.

I typed into our current provider, and they are offering just under what we are currently paying - by 63 pence a month!!

We are in credit with this provider, and have decided to stay with them.

There is no exit fee if we change our minds.

I can get anxious about 'grown-up' stuff like this.

As a young adult I ran the household and had a child - my first husband was often away with the military.  In this marriage (sounds like I have had loads...) Man Wonderful likes to run the household with me.  It's nice.



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