New Puppy Day 5

 Oh my, I have an overtired pup this evening! He has played, and foraged, and sniffed and weed and played and run around! He is coming out of his shell as far as Millie is concerned, and they are starting to get on better.

One thing we have always done with two dogs is treat our older dog first. The first biscuit, the first dish put down, etc.  This encourages the youngest dog to copy the respect. It works well.

Millie has snapped at Buster a couple of times, and this shows the little 'un his place. 

Today they sniffed each other and he was 'allowed' by her to lick her on her face. Little steps.

Buster has just had his first ever bath, and snuggled with me in a dry towel until his little curls were dry and he was fast asleep.

There's something rather lovely about drying a dog after their bath.  Or maybe I'm just soppy!!



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