What a treat!

GD, her chap, and the babies are moving out in a few weeks and I'm trying to make the most of all the time we have left as one family.

I worked a long, full day yesterday (no violins please: I chose my job, and I'm not saving lives like some wonderful folk are), and came home with a dull headache.

The little ones are always a delight to greet at the end of the day; little 'bits' of what they've been doing on their t-shirt (pen from colouring in, ketchup from lunch), and always bursting to tell you something amazing..(Nannie, I did see a HUGE caterpillar. It was all furry.)

Son-in-law had planned to cook fajitas, but decided he would treat us all to a take away curry once the babies were in bed.

Now I don't know about you - I only live my life, after all - but when you live simply and watch the pennies; being surprised like this at the end if the working day is just brilliant sometimes.

And tonight the Sag Aloo, Tarka Dal, Onion Bhajee and bottle of lager suited me just fine: cheers!!


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