Another month!

Its been another month of watching the pennies, and it's paid off (if you'll excuse the pun!).
Looking back, I've been 'out' or had treats too, but on the whole we've been at home and eaten homemade most of the time.
We're ending the month before payday tomorrow by finishing paying back our 'Emergency Fund' that was dipped into in April for last minute wedding 'things'.    We've also topped up our savings fund quite nicely.

Tomorrow I'll do a Mr Tesco 'big shop'.
I always look back at my last big shop, and look at what else I bought in the month in-between.
This informs my next 'big shop'.

Our shopping requirements will be changing over the next few months; firstly as it's going to be just us two lovebirds, then because we're going to be moving out of this big house and into a different place that's smaller.  We've been looking, and seen something we like. I'll give you more info at a later date, but it's quite exciting!


  1. ooh that sounds like an exciting shopping i like to shop every couple of weeks and buy mostly the same if we lived closer to shops i would be more relaxed and just pop out but presently big shop is the way forward

    have a great weekend

  2. Sounds exciting. Looking forward to more info later! :-)
    J x

  3. One less adult makes a huge difference in the shopping. I imagine you are in for a big and pleasant surprize


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