Free Date Night!

I don't live anyone else's life, just mine.
And one thing that I really, truly look forward to is Date Night (yes it's capitalised) with Man Wonderful.

It's been a while since we've been out, and we had planned to go this evening but -well, life gets in the way, doesn't it, at times?
So instead, yesterday we used some of our Tesco clubcard vouchers and 'boosted' them.

If you are not aware of this scheme - perhaps you don't shop with Mr Tesco, or you live in a different country to us - you collect points each time you shop or buy fuel, and can 'spend' these points in different ways.
If you choose to boost them, you can get up to four times their face worth.
We cashed in £10 worth of points, so these became the equivalent of £40 to spend at a local restaurant.

This meant we had a 'free' dinner, and just paid for what we had to drink.

Taking time out is important.

What do you do for a treat?


  1. We are having a takeaway tonight! Free as its paid for
    By tips the HG got today. Yes, I could have made one but a) I didn't get any meat out of the freezer and the many veg is too far gone and b) I fancy not cooking! C) I'm supporting my local economy d) e) and f) off anyone who judges lol x

  2. Nice to see you blogging again.

  3. We love our days out together. They're supposed to happen once a week but as you say life gets in the way and we probably average only one every month lol. It just makes us value them even more when they happen. Tesco points are great if you boost them. We all got into the Tower of London for nothing by doing that. Glad you enjoyed your meal. xx

  4. We try to have a day out about once a fortnight, either to the seaside (we live near the coast) or to a village/town we haven't visited before in our county.....preferably one with charity shops! We usually take a packed lunch, but every so often we'll have lunch out, having saved the money for it.

    Hope you both enjoyed whatever you ate.

  5. We rarely get out anywhere - or so it seems - and if we do go out it just means a hundred jobs to do when we get home.Fed up? Yes!

  6. i do admire your date nights and think it sounds lovely...long may they continue


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