Today I was up early: flask of tea made, comfy shoes on; and into GD's car for the two-hour trip to Bristol and a mum and daughter shopping trip to IKEA.
It's under two weeks until the little family move into their new pad, GD wanted to get a few bits and bobs; so the two chaps were under strict instructions with the babies, and the two ladies set off for a shopping trip!

This was my view as GD drove.

I managed to knit socks all the way there and all the way home again!

A beautifully stormy sky over Bristol.

My gorgeous pesto risotto lunch!

This lampshade took my eye, but I think I can make one for far less than the £13 IKEA want to charge for it!

I liked these decorative buttons, but was disappointed they were made of a metal material.  I'd like some in wood.  And joined together. That I could use for something. Like a coat rack? Hmm.

I liked this griddle pan.  I used to have one like this and it was fab.
I didn't buy one today though.  

I really liked this wood work too and white legged unit.  I thought it was very pretty.  I could see me cooking and prepping meals on one like this.

So what did I buy?

Well, I spent the grand sum of £6!
I bought a £1 wine glass that Man Wonderful had been after replacing for a while.
And a gorgeous slim tray to sit at the back of my desk in work with all my bits and bobs on.

It was a super day out; GD bought considerably more items, but she is furnishing a new house!

This evening the 'kids' are having a date night at my insistence, while MW and I look after the babies and catch up with each other.

What have you been up to today?


  1. First day of the hols..... I went into work!!!

  2. I've been de-cluttering. I've sorted out one of my big cupboards and got rid of a whole lot of school based stuff I haven't wnated for years. Then I started on my filing cabinet and dealt with ancient paperwork. My shredder has earned its keep today! So not nearly as interesting as your day but necessary!
    J x

  3. sounds a fun day out lunch looked nice..love ikea



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