The party.

So lunchtime today saw six toddlers, three patchwork quilts, several soft toys, one gazebo, a handful of parents, oodles of plates of bite-size food, one shining sun and one 1-year-old lad in the garden for a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' party.

The little lad and his chums were all pretty happy, as were mummy (GD) and daddy.
Grandad (MW) and Nannie (moi) were present at the start, then retreated to the peace of the lounge for le Tour de France on the telly (MW) and sock knitting (you don't need to ask, do you?!).

Big sister enjoyed herself too, in fact the only tears came from one 2 year-old guest who had wanted to blow out the candle on the cake, so I simply re-lit the candle (away from the cake) and let all the kiddies have a turn at blowing it out: Simple fun!

Tonight is leftover HM curry from last night.  Just perfect after a busy day.
As they are veggy curries, I've no qualms about just warming them up in the oven: one veg korma and one veg biryani.   
And I think a couple of glasses of red wine have my name on them tonight...

What are you eating / drinking this evening?


  1. Fish and Chips from the chippie this evening, I am ashamed to admit. And very tasty it was too!
    Actually, I'm not in the least bit ashamed. :-)
    J x

  2. Homemade macaroni cheese tonight as we continue our delving into a seeing whether we can all turn 100% veggie... it is certainly cheaper and after 3 weeks and only 2 meals with chicken we are having to say we are loving it :)
    So glad they all had a lovely party... doesn't gorgeous grandaughrer resemble you... she is like a mini version of you! Xx

  3. Looks like a wonderful party-your grandbabies are beautiful!

  4. Courgette and broad bean soup as we were out most of the day.

  5. looks a lovely party have you a pic of the one birthday cake ? bet that looked great...we are having leftovers for the dream



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