A follower button, a damp day and facing what I've been dreading..

Hi folks,

I've finally got around to adding in a follower button.
I was loathe to do this after the last blog.  I
 had over a thousand followers when the free blog address was offered for purchase to me.  
I stupidly told someone I trusted and it was bought from under me. 
Four years of blogging; photos; recipes; ideas; my life before, through and after the breakdown charted; my followers: gone.

I didn't blog for nearly 18 months before I started this one up.
I've had contact from a few people who read regularly, and a few others who've 'found' me in this new home.

So click to follow if you'd like to. 
I'm just happy I'm blogging again, and glad to get written supportive messages from folk.

It's damp and misty today.
A perfect day for a quick visit to the Post Office to get the weekend's eBay sales sent off.
One to Switzerland, one to Hong Kong!
It's fab to think of our little bits and bobs going to make other folk happy for a few pennies.
This week there are patterns and pattern books on there from 1950s to the modern day, and I'm about to start on my wool stash and collection of vintage material.
I can't take it all with me when I move, so it's all going on the online shop before heading to the charity shop.

Finally, I'm starting to face what I've been dreading.
The chick flying the nest.
GD moving out.
But it's not just GD moving out.
It's GD and her new hubby plus the two babies.
They've been here every day, every morning, every bathtime.
And it's going to be very, very quiet..

More later,

FM x


  1. It will be horrible to begin with but you will get used to it eventually. You have had bonus years with your family that most of us won't ever get. There is no quick fix but just believe you will adapt. There is old help on my blog how to back up your blog but google blog help also tells you how to do it. I do mine once a month to keep things safe.

  2. (((hugs))) because words are insufficient.
    J x

  3. So glad to follow this blog and what a shitty thing for someone to do to your other blog. Just sending big hugs as Joy said words are insufficient xxx

  4. It will be odd for a while. our lot have been gone for several years now and it's nice to be just the two of us.
    I didn't realise your blog was so big before it was stolen. I've quickly pressed the follower button and you will soon be back to 1000

  5. i do hope you will all be ok...give it time be nice to yourself...good luck

    are you moving as well ? blimey its all go down your way


  6. It will be strange and different. You may never get used to it, but I'm sure you'll be frequent visitors to each others homes & they'll always think of yours as home, I bet.a

  7. I hope they are not moving far, if so I'm sure you will see them heaps♥ Wishing lots of happiness, love and laughter for your GD, GDH and little chicks in their New Home:) Linda x

  8. Our eldest moved out at the end of April. I miss him.

    But he had to fly and grow. Now, I have somewhere to go when I need a cup of tea and away from the spousal unit!

  9. Despite the blog 'gazumper' (Dear Reader perhaps???), you have so much more in real life that some particular people have (same person??).
    I am so glad to have you pop up in my reading list now, as I lose track sometimes. I haven't written much for ages, had to say why really - lots of ups and downs and apathy.
    We need to look for another, smaller house next year, but The FW wants a bungalow!!!! Not me though, let's just say it will be interesting!
    And, yes I really need to get a summer job ebaying.....so. much. stuff.
    susan x


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