Posh Nosh

Time for a little treat.

When you manage your budget, it can sometimes feel a little restricted unless you plan for something gorgeous every now and then.

We like to have a treat mid-week, as most folk do this at the weekend: but we're usually really busy at the weekend.

Tonight we ate an easy to make version of Dauphinoise potatoes with veggy sausages.
And it was N to the OM!

To make these very gorgeous spuds?

Thinly slice two medium potatoes per person.  These thin slices must be really thin: so you can see the knife through the slice.  Pop the slices into a bowl of water.
I don't peel the potatoes, but obviously if yours are muddy or a bit crap on the outside, then do peel them first.

Now crush and chop a clove of garlic per potato. (E.g., four spuds = four cloves garlic.)

Finally, mix together 250ml double cream with 250ml milk.

Now dry your potato slices on a tea towel and make a layer of slices in a casserole dish.  Sprinkle on a little garlic, then layer on more potato slices, then garlic, the potato slices. You get the idea.
Keep going until you have used up the potato slices.

Pour over the cream mixture.

Sprinkle on a little salt and black pepper, and grate on a little nutmeg.

Pop in the oven (140 C) for an hour.

Sorry no pictures, but we fell on this meal tonight and it was just perfect!


  1. Oh I've found you again - that's made my day. Maggie

  2. Sounds lovely but as the temperature inside our house was 34C, couldn't bear to have the oven on!

  3. Oh my - I followed this link from your comment on mind and have just realised who you are - SOOOOO pleased you're back! :-) xx

  4. Why is it that a bloody lovely sounding recipe for spuds appears here just when we're trying to cut em out for awhile ya bugger?


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