Pain stops play

Oh I feel a proper wuss!
We are sat here watching the final of the Tour de France; the pain, the stamina, the insufferable injuries, the pride.
And I'm moaning because I've got a knitting injury!

I've got the teensiest split in the left index finger, just where the tip of my needle hits: for my fellow knitters, I'm using 2.5mm DPNs (double pointed needles) and I'm sock knitting.
I've tried wearing a plaster and using a different finger in that position.
No good.
Every time my mind drifts off.... Ouch! 
(Actually, that's not one of the words I've used, in fact I've run the whole gamut of swear words so far!)

I don't want to swap projects.
I'm happy sock knitting.

Bl@@dy thing!


  1. Ouch- I'm a fellow knitter injury sufferer. Damned needles!

  2. Superglue? I' stings like buggery but it might work

  3. I'm glad that the use of good old Anglo Saxon is in full flow m'dear.

  4. Ouch, it brings tears to the eyes just thinking about it! So painful! Would a plaster with something firm underneath help - like a titchy bit of card?
    J x


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