Potty training day 1

I've potty trained a few little ones over the years.
Today it is the turn of GD's daughter.
She is 2 1/2 and a bright spark.
We've been talking about potty training for a couple of weeks, made a big thing of buying pants and getting a potty for upstairs and one for downstairs (we're not posh, just live in a house on four floors...) and talked things through a few times.
When we woke up today, we got dressed without a nappy.
First 'wee' was in the potty.  All well and good!
Then we've had two 'mostly in the potty' followed by another completely in the pot.

The method I use is a timer, salty snacks with loads to drink throughout the day, a very relaxed low-key attitude, and a chart that records each success as a star.

Have you done potty training? Which method did you use?


  1. That sounds like a great potty training method-I'll recommend it to my daughter!

  2. I had boys who used cloth not disposable. An old doctor told me that it would be easier to train them because they knew what it was to feel wet and cold.

    Number one son was dry in a couple of days.

    Pooping was an entirely different matter.

  3. Good for you! That's a great result for the first day!
    J x

  4. i didnt know there were different methods...we made a song and a dance about buying pants and a potty and took it from there...first try gave up tried again month later bingo straight to it...good luck it all sounds promising


  5. I'm going to give that a try, as our last try our daughter said 'No tanks mama'' x


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