What's in my glove box?

Nope, not gloves!
While it's been a long time since I've driven (not allowed to with my diagnosis, sadly), the car we use is the last car that was 'mine'; back when we both had our own cars as were both working full-time in different places.
However this doesn't mean that I have nothing to do with the car.
Oh no.
The front passenger seat and space are mine and mine alone, and I am very protective about the glove compartment (glovebox).

Today it had a little tidy-up, and here is a list of its contents:

Torch (flashlight) x 2
Spare 40 denier black 'work' tights
Emergency high vis vest
Alcohol sense breathalyser (for EU driving)
Air freshener
Pack of cards
Box of antacids
Mini meds box: paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-diahorrea tablets
Work search book
Chamois-style windscreen sponge
Mini emergency first-aid kit (dressings, tape, scissors)
Emergency knitting needles and emergency crochet hook

What do you have in your glovebox?


  1. Nowhere Near as much as that. Newer cars have tiny glove boxes.

  2. I just happened on your blog and thought this so funny ... but I do have a pair of winter gloves in the glove box, an old but 'good' pair of Dents, chocolate brown leather. Plus a box of tissues, a notepad and pencil and the car's manual and details of the AA for breakdown services. Plus a tin of travel sweets. Nothing else. Nothing else would fit in, anyway.
    Margaret P

  3. Haha! Love that you have emergency knitting needles!!


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