Nosey, yep!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a nosey bugger.
As a kid I would be mortified by my mother's net curtain twitching: trying to get a sneaky look at what the neighbours were 'up to', for the latest suburban gossip.

However I love reading your blogs, and finding out just how you are ekeing out the pennies or feeding the family!  I love reading meal planning and cooking, making do, thrifting, and any travel adventures.  

It's the same - just online!

I've read a couple of lovely blogs today about meal planning with limited resources.
It's what we do - and have done - for many years now.  
We see it as a bit of fun, a challenge rather than a hardship.
I have a life partner who views things through the same lenses: I know I am immensely lucky in that.

So, in case there are any other nosey beggars out there, what am I having for dinner tonight?

Well, we're starting off with courgette fritters.
I had a courgette in the bottom of the fridge to use up, and fancied a little nibble: as you do!
I made a gluten-free batter (so GD could have some too) from gluten-free flour, a pinch of salt, a beaten egg and a splash of milk.
I heated up the last of the vegetable oil I've got in the cupboard (about 2 tbsp) in a frying pan and when this was hot, plopped in courgette slices that had been coated in the thick, gloopy batter.

We were going to have this as a side dish, but as I cooked it when the little ones were eating their meal (so they could try some too) I'm afraid to say the grown-ups ate the rest as an early appetiser!

Our main meal tonight?
Tarka Dhal.

I started with browsing the veg drawer in the fridge.
I then thinly sliced two celery sticks and two leeks that had very 'old' looking outer leaves.
These were gently sautéed in the oil that was left after making the courgette fritters.
To this I added some washed, chopped (but unpeeled) potatoes, a hefty shake of red lentils and 1 1/2 tbsp of my Tarka Dahl spice mix.
I sploshed in water from the recently boiled kettle and brought the lot to the boil, stirring every now and again.
This then simmered until the lentils were cooked and the potatoes were soft.
The lid was clamped on and the heat turned off, I left this on the stove too for folk to come along and eat as they wished this evening.


  1. Your meals sound absolutely delicious!
    J x

  2. that sounds very pleasant food....i dont think nosey is a bad thing unless people are being nasty to folk as they look i look on it as information sharing and love the fact there are like minded people who are trying to do the best for their families....i love all the meal planning and list making you share its very useful and fun



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