A busy weekend and a kitchen disaster!

I'm sat in the corner of the sofa with a hot cuppa beside me: my absolute favourite place to be!
Man Wonderful is catching up with the Tour de France, I've been prepping dinner for tonight and for tomorrow evening too.  

Yesterday morning I took a huge load to the charity shop.
(We're sorting through everything prior to our downsizing and our Big Adventure.  More on that later!)
As for yesterday, I had to post several eBay parcels too before popping home to pack up a picnic and flask of tea for MW and myself.
We took ourselves off for a sneaky half an hour break in the sunshine, and sat looking over the sea while we munched and chatted.
MW then asked me when I'd last had a 'proper, scoopy' ice cream?
I couldn't remember.
Possibly last summer, although we were very busy with the early arrival of the gorgeous grandson. Maybe the summer before?
So off we went - in the car - to seek 'proper, scoopy' ice creams!
And we found some: clotted cream vanilla for me, mocha coffee for him: made by the local farm from their Jersey herd of cows (aren't they talented? Using machinery and things with their hooves...)

Then yesterday evening I had a culinary disaster.
It happens.
I know that every now and then I.just.cant.cook.
I don't know why - it'll be a meal I've made 100+ times beautifully, and then as a one-off I'll just bu**er it up completely, like this lady Rhia from the BBC show 'Butterflies' (God I can sympathise with her now, but I used to laugh out loud at her kitchen disasters):

Yesterday evening I made a veggy lasagne.
It looked gorgeous.
There was browned, melted cheese on the top.
As I cut into it, the layers stayed together, and the portions moved from casserole dish to plate perfectly.
I'd made a veggy mince and tomato sauce layer and a white sauce layer.
I'd used gluten-free lasagne sheets.
Everything I would usually do.

Except it tasted awful!
Like there was no flavour. In any of it.

Forks went down. "Sorry mum."
Substitute snacks instead of dinner was sought.
Even now I can't think what I did that made it taste so bleurgh!
And I know that next time I cook it, it'll be fine!

Does this happen to anyone else?!


  1. Well here's a coincidence......I made a lamb stew in the slow cooker yesterday, with enough for today as well. I've made it tons of times before. When we sat down to eat it yesterday afternoon, both of us looked at each other after tasting a couple of mouthfuls and agreed it hadn't got much flavour at all....how odd! Well, I'm not going to chuck the rest out (obviously), so today I think I'll add some redcurrant jelly, fresh chopped mint (even though I put mint in yesterday), a lamb stock cube and more seasoning, in the hope that will improve it. So you're not the only one who occasionally can't cook, Tracey!

  2. cooing is funny i find...same recipe done twice can be very different my lot say this is nicer than last time what did you do different ? and i look blank nothing is the answer...rather that than mass produced always the same food imo

    regards tess


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