25 is the magic number

I love a meme!
And this one: 25 fascinating things about me is one started by the lovely John over at Going Gently.

Here's my list: link and add yours if you'd like to join in!

1. My all-time favourite film is Truly, Madly, Deeply. I love the acting, the music, the emotions: and I cry like a baby every time I watch it.
2. I hate to be alone.
3. I'm a musician, have a degree in music, and my first instrument is the French Horn.
4. I knit, crochet, and sew English Paper Pieced patchwork. 
5. I love everything to do with Christmas from tinsel to elves. I love carolling and mulled wine. I would live in the town where it's Christmas everyday if I could.
6. And I have a countdown to Christmas app on my phone, so I know just how many sleeps it is until Christmas at any time of the year. (164 today)
7. I don't watch any soaps. Never have.
8. I wear heels almost all the time.
9. I'm very, very short: that's probably why number 8!
10. I'm blissfully married to Man Wonderful.
11. I love painting my nails.
12. I buy almost all my clothes from chazza shops, apart from underwear and nightwear.
13. I love selling on eBay.
14. I'm a fiend for Big Brother. 
15. I love to read thrillers and to watch action movies: I adore James Bond films!
16. Picnics make me happy.
17. I don't gamble.
18. I'm definitely a dog person, although we are without a hound at the present time.
19. I love to sing, have sung in public many, many times; and it makes me very happy.
20. My ice cream flavour of choice is vanilla.
21. I have two brothers and one sister; none of whom read my blog or even know that I write one!
22. I'm not at all interested in sports, but do enjoy the occasional swim.
23. I have a huge memory for jokes and enjoy having a different 'joke of the day' each day.
24. I don't need to be spoilt in a lavish way to feel I've had a proper treat: a free dinner out with Tesco boosted vouchers or a Premier Inn overnight stay makes me feel like I've won the lottery.
25. I genuinely have no concept of geography in my head: people might think I'm making it up at times, but I have to google even local maps; I'm still at the 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat' stage of remembering the points of a compass, and although I think Scotland is on top of England on the map, I wouldn't stake my salary on it...


  1. I'm not sure I can think of any fascinating facts about me. I'm not a fascinating person!
    J x

  2. I too adore Bond films. I envy you your memory for jokes......I can never remember any! I did my own 25 Things the other day.

  3. We share a love of your number four. I can confess that crochet patterns are written in Greek and I've only ever finished one item by using a pattern.

    I love thrillers and Nordic Crime novels


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