Feeling glad

When you're struggling with life, it can really help to press pause and just list what you are grateful for.
I thought I'd share my current list of 10 things with you today.
If you'd like to share your list of 10, pop them in the comments box.  Who knows? It just might help someone who is finding things a bit tough right now focus on the joy in their life.

Today I am very grateful for:

1. My husband who is totally selfless and always has time and energy for me.
2. Gorgeous daughter. I'm so proud of the compassionate adult she has become.  
3. Beautiful, happy grandchildren. They make me smile each and every day.
4. Crafting skills: currently that I am able to knit, and am enjoying making socks.
5. The summer break from work.  A comedian once said there are two good reasons to become a teacher; July and August.  I genuinely enjoy my job, but I get genuinely knackered by the end of term, especially as we begin the new term before the summer break. We are almost two weeks into the hols and I could still put my head down and sleep the day through given half the chance...
6. Having enough.  Enough to eat, enough money to pay our bills: enough. I've lived with not enough before and I'm bloody grateful I have enough right now.
7. Being loved. 
8. Health.  
9. Friends. Real ones.
10. Dreaming and planning.

Over to you!


  1. thats a nice list...you are blessed


  2. What a lovely list! :)

    I am grateful for:
    1. My 4 wonderful, gorgeous, healthy children. Having seen friends and family go through the agonies of infertility I know that I am truly blessed
    2. My home. Paid for. Needs work doing to it, but we have a paid for roof over our heads.
    3. Enough money. Not rolling in it by any means. But enough money for food, heat, light, warm clothes and the occasional break away.
    4. Health. The minor problems that I do have could be improved by losing weight, so I should help myself.
    5. The NHS. And the wonderful staff of the NHS. 'Nuff said.
    6. Free education up to 18 for my children - and some wonderful and inspiring teachers and other staff out there in the schools :)
    7. Being able to cook and bake. On the rare occasions we eat bought bread (never at home) it makes my family appreciate these skills! :) (Just a shame I'm not crafty at all to go with it)
    8. My friends. Different friends for different situations and stages of life. All have a place and purpose. Some are forever, others more fleeting.
    9. The wisdom and knowledge that comes with age and surviving loss. Times doesn't always fully heal things, but you learn how to cope. Scars are what make us the person we are today.
    10. Choice. I may or may not like the current government - but I like the fact that we can all have a say in choosing who is there.

    Life, when you think about what you have and what is actually important, isn't so bad after all! :)

  3. Gladness

    1. My hubbykins, he has stuck with me through so much and still thinks I make the sun shine (even if there is a little thunder too).
    2. Our daughter, wonderful exasperating crazy brave child who will find a mountain to climb rather than take a lift.
    3. The chance to stay home and care for my family, bless him hubby works hard for us.
    4. Our home.
    5. My parents, they love me for what I am not what I do.
    6. True friends.
    7. The health I have it’s not great but it could be worse.
    8. My appreciation of nature, it makes finding beauty on a dark day easier.
    9. Imagination, the chance ad choice to create, through food ,art, photography, sewing (just wish I could knit but hurts my fingers and I’m a bit of a wimp)
    10. The right to vote and the hope it can get better for all. I truly believe how a government looks after its weakest is the cornerstone to being a civilised nation. This also includes free clean public toilets, no littering and manners from all but hey one can dream.
    As Mrs G said it’s a positive feeling from writing about the good even if there is bad too x


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