Ugh! Thursday night again..

I'm well and truly knackered!
Happy, but worn out.

As I've blogged before, I'm always much more tired on a Thursday evening than I am at the end of the working week on a Friday.
It's always been the same.

Before I met Man Wonderful, I used to pop GD to bed at 7 and put my pyjamas on at the same time.
I'd tidy my kitchen and lounge and then on a Thursday I'd go to bed to the sounds of other people's kids playing in the street. I was in my early 20s and working full time as a teacher, as well as teaching piano lessons from home.
Any other night I could be a human being, but Thursdays I was a zombie!

Tonight I'm just as shattered as I usually am: not grumpy, in fact I'm rarely grumpy.

Just sleepy!

As I type, Man Wonderful is cooking a veggy chilli for our supper, and I'm searching the recorded programmes for a TV show to collapse in front of after our meal.  Bliss!


  1. I hope you feel much better for your chilli and a night in front of the tv. Some nights can be like that. I've been at work this morning and in the garden for the rest of the day so the fresh air has knocked me out a bit. X

  2. Your Thursday is my Monday! I cannot stay awake beyond 8pm on a Monday!

  3. I was zonked too after an afternoon of mini sports at the local sports stadium. Your evening sounds as if it was just what was needed - great!
    J x

  4. sure your chilli will perk you up and you will find some energy to have a great weekend...hope so


  5. Day of my first night shift....knackered and very, very grumpy.


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