My food diary

From time to time I get a message from a lovely person asking me to write about what we eat - sometimes a recipe, other times, like yesterday, just to ask what I ate that day.  
I like to read about what other folk do with food, too: especially when I know they manage a budget.
I'm as nosy as the next person!

On work days I start with a hot cup of tea - I always use soya milk in my tea.
And I have a little one-egg omelette most days.  

Yesterday's lunch was a salad of gem lettuce (yellow-stickered to 10p), little tomatoes and avocado (reduced to 49p) with grated cheddar.
This time of year it's a salad with either a little cheese, or tuna in oil.  Sometimes I take a cup-a-soup; sometimes it's leftovers.
In the Autumn and Winter it's more likely to be leftovers that can be heated in the microwave at work to give me a warm boost.

During the day I drink water, and the occasional cuppa with soya milk.

Dinners are easy to make and share.

Tonight was pizza: super easy to make, and wonderful to share with all here.  I worked a long day today so that was a perfect meal.


  1. all sounds you enjoy as i do a good gawp at other peoples shopping in supermarkets ? i like to sit on the seats at costco and watch trolleys be pushed past the funniest one i have seen is a trolley with about 10 massive creamy cakes in quite liked to have followed that one

    regards tessa

  2. I do love a good foody post. I am very guilty of being 'interested' in others eating habits. X


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