A better day today

Another day and the stresses of yesterday are already dimmer.
That sounds better: dimmer stresses!

I'm reading a gorgeous book at present; 

I've also spent a nice day at work catching up on bits and bobs between scheduled sessions, and it always feels good to catch up.

I've joined in with Winwick Mum's sock-a-long, and I'm just at the heel of the first sock:

And Man Wonderful and I are spending time tonight planning one of our little romantic getaways for over the summer hollibobs: although with my appalling knowledge of Geography he could just as well be discussing some completely different area of the UK...

For supper tonight is home made pizza: not what was on the plan, but it's been requested, costs pennies and is easy to knock up.

What kind of day did you have, and what's for supper?


  1. hi so glad you are feeling brighter...give time time as they say...when you get a mo could you share the pizza base recipe as i fancy making some
    thanks tessa

  2. I'm so pleased your stresses are dimming. I love, love, love your wool. I've just got to stitch the toes on my second sock but seeing as I had a glass of wine with dinner I had better leave it until tomorrow. X

  3. As I am off Breadline for a short time, I have spoilt myself with soem strawberries, blueberries and melon. Amazing how it cheered me up although a positive performance management might have helped too.
    Thank you again for your lovely words - it helped more than you probably realise. I'm glad you are feeling less stressed and more yourself again!
    Much love
    J xxx

  4. I too feel better today! A fantastic early night has done wonders! Today my class did a magnificent class assembly and made me very proud! Dinner was a lovely sausage casserole which had been bubbling along in the slow cooker all day so was ready when, exhausted(again!) we walked in the door!! I love love the socks... they are beautiful! Mmmm my mind is now full of homemade pizza ideas... tomorrow's dinner maybe?! Xx


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