To 'too or not to 'too, tatt is the question..

Ok so my tattooed feet.

When I was 18, I went in for my first tattoo.
On my foot it was going to be.
And the guy told me it would hurt.

And I managed to let him put a 'dot' on my foot and that was it.

I then spent 12 years with a small black dot on my hoof; about where the spider's tummy is now.

Then when I was 30, I decided to mark my new life with Man Wonderful, that I'd finally get my tattoo done.  So I did.  

And then my other foot looked naked, so about two years after I got the other foot decorated with a cake and five stars.

Lots of folk are happy to share their opinions on tattoos.
I love mine and am very glad I got them.

What about you: to 'too or not to 'too?



  1. Not for me personally Tracey but I don't dislike them on other people, although I'm not keen on ones that cover a whole limb. My brother has the pink panther on his arm and I really like that and my nieces all have them and they look great. If I ever did have one it would have to be something pretty like your cupcake. xx

  2. Me and hubby don't have them( although we have both toyed with the idea of having them numerous times over the years), but our daughters do. Elder daughter has one on her lower leg and one on the back of her neck. Younger daughter has 7.They are sited on her wrist, her ribs,her collar bone, her foot, her ankle, her stomach and her upper arm. I have no doubt that she will have more!

  3. Definitely too!! I love them. I've only got one but its only lack of spondoolies that put me off having lots more. I've got a spray of ivy on the inside of my left wrist - testament to my Nan - she was called Ivy and I adored her. :)

  4. i havent any tats but quite like them on others....quite like to see names on big burly men and think how sweet those are hopefully kids not a list of partners

  5. Not for me, thanks, but I know some people think they are great! I think I'm just old fashioned!
    J x


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