I've been very blessed this week to be on the receiving end of many gifts.
On Tuesday I arrived in work early to see my classroom had been 'decorated' with a huge banner from the children in one of my classes.  There were cards and even poems written on the white board!
This theme continued into Wednesday's parents evening when I was showered with wonderful compliments, more cards and gifts from another class.
On Thursday I got to spend the early evening with yet another class in a celebration of their achievements, and received so many thanks from parents for the support and help their children receive.
Then yesterday I received gifts from the Teaching Assistants I've worked with this year.

I've been very spoilt this end of term, I can tell you!

Where I work, we begin the new term in a week's time; so there's no time to dawdle!
It's straight on with planning and prep.

But first a weekend off. 

A lazy morning with the little ones, followed by a bus ride/adventure, then a picnic lunch as it's such a nice day, and then home for a DVD.  Simple fun!

I hope wherever you are today that you get to enjoy some relaxation time.



  1. I'm planning on being at one with my chair in the garden!

  2. You must be very well thought of by your pupils and their parents. My nephew's school start their new year a couple of weeks before the end of summer term. I've often wondered why they do this but of course being 15 he either can't be bothered to explain or doesn't actually know lol. xx

    1. It works well as it avoids the 'wind-down' of the end of the year. No 'death by DVD' or wasted classroom time! It also avoids any start of term panic about rooming/timetable queries in September, as all the school are already on track leaving the newbies time to settle in. Works well.

    2. Put like that I'm now wondering why they don't do it in every school and just let them watch DVD's on the last day as a treat xx

  3. I was going to ask why but, having read the comments, I see. Interesting and what a good idea. How does it work with teachers who are moving schools and won't be available until September?
    J x

    1. The ones who are leaving 'cover' the new timetable until the end of term. In addition, lots of the new teachers get to visit in those last two weeks.


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