Meal planning

Thank you for the blogpost requests: I'm always happy to oblige, as it's just like having a conversation with a chum, I find, this blogging lark!

So I'll start off with basics.
At the mo I feed six people. One is dairy free, one is gluten free. 
I do a 'big shop' online once a month, and that covers everything from loo roll to toothpaste and tinned tomatoes to frozen peas.
MW and I meal plan before I do the big shop, and then we do a weekly shop for fresh veg, fresh bits and bobs.

Oats with soya or real milk and seeds
2-egg omelette
Gluten free cereal
Toast with spread and marmite
Fresh fruit and yogurt
Bacon and baked beans with a fried egg

Wraps or GF wraps with salad and coleslaw/ cold meat / tuna in oil
Homemade soup
Sarnies with cold meat or cheese and chutney
Salad with cold rice, sliced veg, avocado, beetroot

Packed lunches for work:
Salad with tuna in oil
Cup a soup

Veggy chilli with rice or sweet potato chips
Thali (a selection of veggy curries)
Veggy bolognaise with GF pasta or jacket spud
Roast belly pork and crackling with all the trimmings
HM pizzas
Salmon steaks with pesto and steamed veg
Veggy stir-fry with a coconut based sauce
Veggy 'chicken' curry
Lentil stew with GF dumplings
Potato wedges with smoked paprika
Roasted chargrilled veg
Halloumi burgers
Veggy Mezze
Chicken Parmesan
Thai chicken
Veggy cottage pie
GF veggy lasagne
Veggy Tagine
Pan fried sea bass

We do have other recipes we like to make from time-to-time, but these are the regulars.

Do let me know if there's a specific recipe you'd like me to blog, and I'll happily oblige!

FM x


  1. wow that was quick your so organised that is a delicious selection of food lovely range of dishes for each meal
    could you show the recipe (at some point) for the tagine and thai chicken ..those evening meals sound lovely. We are trying to reduce the food spend a bit and eat a bit more veggie at the moment

    thankyou for taking the time...much appreciated tessa

  2. Fantastic! I'm always short on ideas for meals (especially veggie ones) so this is great. I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks Tracey. X


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