Strange post!

When I got home from work today, a thin A5 envelope awaited my attention.
"That's funny", I thought, "the only thing I'm waiting for is a ball of sock wool; I wonder what this could be, as it's clearly not a ball of wool?"

I opened the envelope to find: a 100g ball of 4ply sock knitting wool.

Squished flat, for posting!

Oh, and here are my feet! 
(Couldn't think of a way to hold this and photograph it using my iPad!)

Here's a better shot of my feet tattoos:

(In case you wanted to see them properly!!)


  1. Ha ha, I often get my feet in my photos, but quite accidentally! Love the tattoos, I have a blue butterfly on my left foot.

  2. After the first day back after half term, I had to smile at this. Thanks.
    J x

  3. wow that is a squashed ball of wool...great there a story behind the tats ? that could be another blog post

    regards tessa

  4. You know it took me three years to knit my first pair of socks. But seeing your wool and finding a sock a long post in blogland....I might add a fourth project to my WIP bag x

  5. Lovely yarn. Clever to suck out all the air. I wonder if it saved on postage.
    Love the cake tattoo on your foot.

  6. Love the yarn colour!
    J x

  7. That is a very flat ball of wool. I've not known it posted like that before but it seems like a good idea. X

  8. It's such a good idea to send wool and lots of other things like that, does Royal Mail a thick one. One thing though, is it absolutely sealed, no chance of it exploding en route? I wonder where you can buy these things, as I need to sell some stuff on Ebay and it would make the postage cheaper, therefore more attractive.

  9. Sorry forgot to say, love the colour of the wool. Are you following Winwick Mum Sockathon (or Sockalong) on Facebook, she has been doing a tutorial and lots of people are all doing them, and posting the pictures of their successes and problems.

    I started but have not finished as I've a crochet blanket in progress.


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