The bliss of the weekend!

In this incarnation, I don't have to work outside the home at the weekend.
For the next few weeks, our pattern is the same: be woken by little people, spend the day playing and pottering about doing our household tasks - made into fun activities so that the Grandchildren can join in too!
We will play in the garden if it's not raining, visit a park for our packed lunch as a 'picnic' if it's warm enough, or just take over the lounge with books and jigsaws followed by drawing and stickers instead!
This is because mum and dad are both working: however this is going to change in a few weeks with shift patterns, working venues and where folk are living changing.
Because one of the big changes coming our way, is that for the first time in our relationship, Man Wonderful and I are going to live together!

I don't mean that we haven't been so far: no, we've been married 12 years..
And happily so - no bunk beds for us two      or separate rooms, no!

What I mean is, that when we got together there was Small Girl.
Who grew into Gorgeous Daughter.
Who became a mummy.
To two beautiful babies.
And got married.
(Yes. In that order. Get over it, it's 2015!)
And now the little family are moving into their own pad!

MW and me, eh!

Together 15 years and finally we're going to start living together. Lol.

(I'm not going to ask for tips, I don't think I could cope with the responses!!)

Have a great Saturday x


  1. how exciting, a new chapter opening up enjoy it


  2. No wonder you were a bit 'shook up' the other day. But I am sure it will be wonderful!
    J x

  3. Ah, I assumed that's what you were referring to in a previous post. Sad and exciting. No doubt you will still be required for little one duty and other such things.

  4. Enjoy this new chapter m'dear

  5. It takes a bit of getting use to, loads of spare time, but quiet which soon gets filled with grandchildren coming to stay on their own, enjoy


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