She works hard for the money..

It's been a successful week, eBay-wise this week.
As well as the usual 'ticking along' bits and bobs, I've started to list a few items sorted out after the recent Marie Kondo reading.
Today I've sold three pairs of shoes and made £55. It all helps!

I've also sorted through the CD collection and posted a parcel to We Buy Books.  That's another £21 to add to the coffers.

I've got my eye on something rather special, so I'll be working a little harder over the next few weeks and months to get some cash together.
Watch this space!

What do you do when you want to get some cash for a project? Do you wapp it on a credit card, or sell bits and bobs/save up?


  1. E-bay, saving and a tad of piracy seems to do the trick for me m'dear ;-)

  2. I either take it out of my savings and then replace the amount or I save up first. I have given up using credit.
    J x

  3. we have Kijiji here, and I have a few things I should put on there.......thanks for reminding me.

  4. I do use cotton yarn for my dishcloths. The one I am using at the moment, is really too fancy for dishcloths, but I got it on sale and is therefore a great buy. If you go to a yarn store they will tell you what is the best to use.

  5. Well done you. I usually save up for things or do projects gradually. I haven't had too much success on ebay. X


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