My day

Sorry it's late, but I've had a long day today.  
I'm literally skipping with excitement, too! (More on that to come!)

I popped home earlier for a quick bite to eat before heading back to work for a little overtime.
Man Wonderful made us an 'all day breakfast' for our evening meal, that comprised a veggy burger, a fried egg, two veggy sausages, mushrooms, baked beans and tinned tomatoes.  Very yummy!
There's a reason why he's called Man Wonderful!!

Now I'm back from work again and once my make-up is off, I'm straight into my PJs and onto the sofa for half an hour on the iPad and in front of the TV before I turn in.

The winter duvet is off, it's been donated to the local animal charity, and in it's place is a patchwork quilt and a plain duvet cover.  This will suit us until the Autumn.
I always donate the winter duvet at the end of the season: I buy a new one either from one of the large supermarket chains or IKEA. This way the animals benefit from us and it's something we do each year.

I'm turning in now.
More tomorrow!


  1. Intriguing! I can't wait to find out!!!
    (but will have to)
    J x

  2. Thats a really nice thing you do with the duvet we change ours and the kids every year but have never donated them as didnt know anyone would want them...will look for somewhere after reading your post...that tea sounds very pleasant

  3. no fair telling us only a we will have to wait to see what all the excitement is about.


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