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I'm not a great believer in horoscopes or such like.
The thought that we have types of personality due to the date in the year when we were born..."ooh he's a typical Leo.."; it just doesn't compute in my simple brain.
I think our personalities are formed in childhood and develop through experiences.

I used to be very outgoing and gregarious: I was a professional musician before I became a teacher and had no qualms about being on -or under - a stage and in front of thousands of people.
In my job, I am quite happy being 'on show' and in front of folk: I speak to people all day long.

But since my breakdown in 2011, there are times when I am happiest in my room with the world shut out.

In the horoscope world, would that make me "a typical Sagittarian"? Out on show or hiding for safety in amongst the trees?  Or is that just my personality type and how it has changed over the last few years?

One thing I am finding incredibly hard to manage is change.

I used to find it quite exciting, used to look forward to planning changes too.

Maybe it's an age thing?

Today I'm reeling from news of a change that will hit us in a few weeks time.
I'm writing on here because I can't string my words together to explain the sheer panic my body is feeling.
I know that life has a way of throwing us curve balls: it'd be pretty dull if nothing ever changed at even the smallest level, but on days like this I wonder what life would be like in one of those exclusive monasteries where day after day was the same..

As always, the only way through stressful times is to treat yourself gently.
For me that means easing up on the non-essential things.
I make sure to eat properly and get to bed at an earlier time.
I also don't answer the house phone, letting the answerphone or someone else take any calls.

I don't think any of these behaviours are related to when I was born in the year.

Do you think your personality or behaviour is related to a horoscope?
What do you do when you know you've got a stressful time coming up?


  1. i quite like reading my horoscope but dont set store by it and the only time i feel like a water carrier (aquarius) is the wrong time of the month....with regards to change depends if i am in charge of it or having it done to me....i am a big fan of the words everything happens for a reason and try and see the positives on the other side of the seem to have some strategies to help you cope so my advice is do your best and hang on...good luck and keep posting

  2. No, I think horoscopes are a load of rubbish. We were recently involved in an extremely stressful situation....I coped with it as far as I could, but when I could feel myself beginning to be dragged down into the dark pit, I just had to make the decision to withdraw from the situation and let others carry on without me. There's only so much you can cope with. I hope that you can manage to get through your stressful time ahead without hurting yourself. Take care, Tracey.

  3. I think there's no correlation whatsoever.
    Change can be terribly hard and I'm sorry you are going to experience some stressful stuff. As you said so kindly on my blog, being kind and loving to yourself is a manageable way of dealing with some of the stress. I hope it helps you.
    If it helps, keep talking.
    Much love
    J x

  4. don't believe in them myself, but did have my fortune told by a gypsy before I was married and what she said was so true. So who knows?

  5. Was it John Lennon who said life happens while you are busy making other plans.
    I too resist change, I would love things to stay the same, but they never do.
    I think as one gets older it is even harder to accept change.
    But you know, things ususally work out for the best and every cloud and all that.
    I am sorry that you are having to face this stressful time, take care of yourself and know that there are a lot of us out here who are thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Pam in TX.xx

  6. I'm a Leo without a great head of hair, lol.

    Change is never easy. We can't control it only how we re-act to it. Unless it involves death or ill-health, I'm at the point where I don't give a rats patooe about it.

  7. I'm a Gemini and I've always been able to see both sides of an argument or point of view - not sure if that's a trait of my birth sign or not. We've had a stressful year sorting out elderly parents needs and illnesses. I used to take it one day at a time.These days, we sometimes work through it hour by hour. I'm sorry to hear your imminent change is causing you to panic. Do I have any words of wisdom? Not really. Just be kind to yourself and each other. xx


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