What a week!

After the high of the wedding, our week has flown by with just a few ups and downs!

The first visit to see a doctor was GD with a diagnosis of a pleura infection: yuk!  
Then it was the lad, all 9 months of him, with a temperature of 40.5 and a very worried mummy.  Nothing major found: sometimes these 'bugs' just happen.

The kids had a wedding cake made of cheese last week (can't remember if I shared this fact..) and we've been very happily munching on leftovers for lunches.  All local cheeses, and very tasty too!

This is the 'cake' they had:

(Photo from The Cheese Shed)

It was just perfect!  Five local cheeses set up to be a wedding centrepiece with pillars.
GD decorated the cake with silk flowers, and a friend made them a 'bride and groom' for the top of their 'cake'.
GD's chap has frozen some leftover cheese too, so we'll see how that comes out in future weeks.

I work full time now, GD part time, her chap full time (but strange hours) and Man Wonderful is retired.
We all live in the same house with the two grandchildren: it works out well. 
Tonight, I'm sat blogging while GD has cooked supper and MW has settled the babies. (They look after me at the end of my working week!)

How does your household work?

FM x


  1. Just me now so I do everything and if I don't, it doesn't get done!!!

    What a wonderfully creative and beautiful wedding cake. I've never seen that done before and I love it!
    J x

  2. Just OH and I, he works full time (but over 4 days), I don't work anymore. He does most of the gardening and outside jobs, I do most of the indoors ones. He's happy to help if I need it, just as I am if he wants me to.

    Hope GD and the little one are feeling better.

  3. I love the idea of the cheese wedding "cake" Just me and dh at home now.

  4. I've never heard of a Wedding Cheese Cake before, love it♥ Sorry to hear grandbabies have been poorly, hope they are much better now.

  5. Fabulous and unusual wedding cake. Love it.


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