It's a very, very rare occurrence when I'm lost for words.
Often, even when my mouth is silent, my head will be playing a lyric or reciting through a poem.
But yesterday I was moved to silence.

I was at the stage version of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

A story that many people have read; others have seen the film (I haven't).

I was moved greatly by the superb acting and by the desperately poignant and innocent story.

If you get the chance to see this play: go.

I'm very glad that I did.


  1. I read the book and cried at the ending.

  2. I've read the book and seen the excellently acted film. I can never ever ever watch it again. How my firstborn has been able to study the Nazis at Uni I have no idea. She says her dreams have been horrific x

  3. I have seen the film and it is thought provoking, I should imagine a well produced stage version even more so.

  4. im so very glad you are back blogging really admire you and wish you and your family well


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