A Family Sunday

Some reasons to be very thankful.

Overnight, a sudden death in the family. 
This type of incident could happen to any family at any time, and serves to remind us that there is always a balance to be had between budgeting and living to the full.

I woke up to a grinning face: 

This little one wakes us up most mornings by clambering onto our bed, and today was no exception.

After a snuggle with the iPlayer and a cup of tea, I got up and cooked breakfast for the assembled masses:  sausages (meat and veggy, from the freezer), bacon (bought ahead and frozen when it was 2 for 1), beans (value), hash browns (frozen), tomatoes and fried eggs.
I deliberately left the frying pan from cooking the bacon on the stove top...

When I was clearing up after the meal, I chopped three onions and sweated these in the bacon fat in the pan before adding three peeled and chopped sweet potatoes, 2 chopped carrots and a sliced courgette. I also added thee leftover tomatoes from breakfast and 2 litres of veg stock.
I transferred the lot to a large saucepan and simmered it while I washed up breakfast, before blending it into a gorgeous soup that I served at lunchtime with HM flatbreads and cheese.

This afternoon I've been working as has GD, and this evening we are being treated to a takeaway by extended family.

Its been a day for coming together, and as in lots of families; for us that inevitably means food plays a large part! 

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you're doing when you read this: stop and give someone your love - whether they are near or far.

Sending you blessings this evening.

FM x


  1. Thanks for sharing your blessings, Tracey.
    Doesn't bacon fan impart a wonderful flavour - I love it!
    J x

  2. Beautiful photo. Hope you're all ok

  3. The soup sounds interesting. Sending best wishes to you and yours xx

  4. What a lovely sight to wake up to! She must put a smile on your face straight away, bless her.

  5. Gorgeous photo! Family Sundays are one of my favourite things! Xx

  6. What an outstandly adorable little munchkin!


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