I don't 'do' Thursdays.

On a weekday, my alarm goes off at six fifteen.  
I leave for work at seven thirty each day, except for Thursdays when instead of MW driving me, I get a lift with a colleague and have to leave much earlier.
I work extra hours Monday to Wednesday, and on Thursday I'm fit for nothing after work.
I used to have a second job - an online one - on a Thursday evening, but thankfully that's finished now.
When I get in from work on this evening once a week, I sit down and if I have to move from my corner of the settee I'm not great.
It's universally acknowledged that I'm best left alone; cup of tea plopped beside me, or scran on a plate left within nabbing distance is all I can reasonably cope with.
I can't do conversation.
Or anything else remotely human.
I go to bed very early with little interaction having taken place.

On Friday morning I'm restored and can function, and on Friday evening I'm my usual self.

It's Thursday today.

I know I'm a bear with a sore head but have genuinely no tether left, and bugger all energy.
I could care less about many things in life, and have no energy or inclination to manage any of them.

Normal service will, I am sure, be restored tomorrow.



  1. I'm wiped out this evening as well....had a long day, and tomorrow morning I have an important exam. Hope you can relax and recuperate a bit xx

  2. Monday is my knackered knackered knackered bed by 8 day.


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