Frugal Sunday lunch

Today is a 'mooching about' day here at FM towers.
GD and her chap are working, MW and I have the grandchildren.  
It's a blissfully slow and restful day.

Lunch was prepped and part-cooked at breakfast time while the little people were in high chairs in the kitchen.

Frugal stew is what's on the menu.
I started by opening the fridge door and seeing what needed using up next!
I found a half-pack of the yummiest sausages (cooked breakfasts veer the wedding weekend) and three rashers of bacon. These were cut into small pieces and started off in a small amount of veg oil, into which I added a finely chopped and washed leek and two topped-and-chopped carrots.
I added a veg stock cube and a litre of water and simmered this for a few minutes before turning off the heat and popping on the lid.

About 30 minutes before we want to have lunch I'll add 2 cups of red lentils and a couple of litres of boiling water.  I'll potter in the kitchen while this cooks into a very delicious stew.

Often we will have this with just lentils and any veg, but it works just as well adding in anything that needs using up.


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