Saturday morning

Where we live, we are woken by birdsong on a non-alarm clock morning.
It's beautiful to lie in bed and listen to.  We face farmland, and to the left we look out over a small lake.

Even when the forecast is for rain, the palette of colours from my window can be stunning.

On a Saturday morning, I like to wake at my normal time and lie in bed reading, before the little people wake up and join us!
Today I'm planning a 'big play' as I want to tidy the toy cupboard, so this will involve taking everything out, giving the cupboard a hoover-out, then putting everything away tidy in the right boxes.
It's 'slipped' a bit over the last few weeks with wedding prep, and I'm very keen to get the lounge and the toys tidied up today!
I expect we will also have an indoor play tent up, and probably an indoor picnic for lunch (they're great fun when the weather is not fab!).

Dinner tonight is curry.
We are working our way through an Approved Food box of Korma sauces: such a great way to stretch out the budget!  I'll check the veg basket and might make some onion bhajis to accompany.

Time to get the kettle on for the first cuppa of the day! :-)

What have you got planned?

FM x


  1. Loads planned, but no oomph to go with said plans!

  2. I sit with my first cuppa and watch the sun on the mountain opposite, sometimes the Buzzards give me a flying display.


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