Pamper parlour

A haircut each today for Man Wonderful and myself.
I've cut his hair since we started dating in 2000 and my own hair since I was 14.
My dear old mum taught me how; she wasn't a hairdresser, but someone who grew up in the war and had to make-do and manage.
I'm very lucky because my hair is really curly and covers a multitude of sins.
MW has his head literally shaved; I think it's a 'number 1': certainly military-grade short.

And it's hair dying day today too.

I do flirt with leaving it to go 'au natural' and if it would be all over 'natural' rather than that line you get from stopping dying it, then I'd possibly give it a go.
In the meantime, I'm using the best one I've found of late: Vidal Sassoon.
It takes ages to apply (over an hour) as it's in two parts, but for me, the colour covers perfectly and lasts almost to six weeks without any fading at all.  (I'm not sponsored, this is my own opinion entirely.)

I had a fabulous chat with RachelRadioStar earlier, she's given me some great ideas for cake making.

And thank you for all the lovely messages of support. 
Each one was like a hug and a cuppa. :-)


  1. sounds a great saving you should work out how much that has saved you both over the years....must be thousands

    i get the distinct impression someones blog is shall we say over egging the pudding in a pathetic attempt to wind someone up (could be you might be someone else who the hell knows with her).....dont let her ignore the smug mare i suspect we all know the real story and it aint as it is being painted

    take care and keep blogging

  2. Top secret those ideas!!! My roots need doing too. Im going to have to start looking at going lighter shades because of the grey! Thing is, it's still perfectly naturally dark at the back! Im like a badger!!

    1. If you're like a badger, do you need a shampoo and SETT? (Couldn't resist!)

  3. he one thing that stopped me from colouring my hair was the roots as it grows out! I'm glad I didn't and now it is going rather nicely silvery grey and looks as if I have expensive highlights. Now that's frugal! :-)
    J x

  4. Haha it was haircut day here too. I have been doing lovely hubby for years and yes it save a fortune...the clippers have paid for themselves many times over. I limit myself to a cut and blow dry every six to nine months and trim it myself in between. As it is poker straight I need a good tidy up professionally every so often for special events. The next one is our younger daughter's graduation next month. I have resisted the the temptation to dye my hair because of the root growth and am happily going silvery grey as I cruise towards 60. Lovely to have you blogging again and refreshing to have an honest blog to read. Hugs to you and yours xx

  5. I'm not sure but I seem to have lost my comment, hopefully you've received it?

  6. I refuse to do dh's hair, I am a terrible hairdresser!! My hair needs dying too, maybe next week.


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