A well-spent day

Up around six as usual, and it was a beautifully sunny morning!
Today, though, no 'little people' to join us for early morning snuggles; just the two of us for our anniversary treat.
We made our way downstairs for breakfast: prepared fresh fruit and yogurt for both, followed by full cooked vegetarian breakfasts, tea and coffee.
Then off out in the car for an adventure!

We ended up here:

Royal Wootton Bassett!
It has the loveliest little charity shops, and cheery shop owners.

We had a beautiful lunch of French Onion soup here:

And afterwards walked around the farmer's market.

I bought some home-dyed and home-spun sheep's wool and when we returned to our hotel this afternoon, crocheted this in front of a DVD: 

It's one of a pair of wrist warmers for the winter months!

I'm just getting ready now to go out for dinner: I could get used to this lifestyle!



  1. How lovely, very best wishes to you both.
    I found your post nostalgic, I grew up in Swindon, Wootton Bassett, or Royal Wootton Bassett as it is now known was a favourite place to visit. In fact I had my 21st. birthday celebration dinner at The Angel, oh so many years ago.
    I saved the champagne bottle from that dinner and just found it again recently when I was going through some boxes.
    Happy memories, have a wonderful time.
    I am so glad that you are blogging again, I really missed you.
    Love from Pam in Texas. xx

  2. What a wonderful place to stay. It looks cheerful and restful at the same time. I love the yarn.
    J x

  3. It sounds wonderful, Tracey. I'm thrilled to have discovered your blog again. I hope life holds only good things for you. X

  4. What a wonderful place to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary♥. Hope you have both had a very relaxing and lovely stay. Linda x


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