Saturday p.m.

A blissful day followed my early morning post today.
I decided to de-clutter my wardrobe rather than the craft cupboard ("Coward!" I hear you cry...) and gathered a fair amount of clothing for the chazza shop.  
After lunch, Man Wonderful and I sauntered off over the bridge into Cornwall, and after donating several bagfuls, I began the very pleasant task of clothes shopping.

Regular readers (by that I mean of the 'old' blog) will remember that I won't wear new clothes (apart from undies and the very occasional pair of shoes), so my 'clothes shopping' can, and probably will, take weeks.

Today I came home with: 

a navy long sleeved t-shirt - £2
a striped black and white work shirt - £1.50
a black canvas knee skirt - £1
a grey cardigan - £1

Supper last night was gorgeous: piri-piri chicken.
GD decided that was what she was going to make, and used a marinade from approved food.
This went into the oven along with a tray of veggies to oven bake.
Very tasty.

A lovely supper dish to end the day.


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