The migraine fairy

I ended my work day today with the familiar flashing lights, and knew I had about fifteen minutes to get to some assistance before my speech and vision went to stupids-ville.   Luckily, Thursday is lift-to-work day, so within five minutes I was in a car and on my way home.

I'd read about a new trick to try with migraine. (I already take a tablet each day as a prevention: it has reduced the frequency and the severity already....I get one about every six weeks now, and it lasts around six to eight hours.)
This 'trick' involves placing a freezer pack on the back of the neck while getting your hands and feet really warm.  
When you're in pain, you will genuinely try most things, and I have to report that it worked!

I went straight to bed when I got home, but had a freezer pack on the back of my neck.
The rest of me was warm.
I managed to doze.
Within three hours, the migraine had abated to a headache: visuals and nausea gone!

I'll certainly be trying this trick again next time I'm bitten by the migraine fairy.

Hope this tip can benefit you or someone you care about.



  1. my mum always used to make herself vomit as she swore that shortened the migraine and you got over it faster. Me I need to sleep it off and that does the trick. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Hi Tracey, my husband has suffered for years with migraines and I really do feel for anyone who suffers with these. Pleased to hear this trick worked and you are feeling much better. Will have to remember this next time DH has one. Take good care Linda x

  3. Fortunately, I rarely get migraines anymore, but when I did the only thing I could do was go immediately to bed in a darkened room with a flannel wrung out in ice cold water on my forehead. I guess then that was the cold head, warm feet thing. As Gill above mentioned about her mother, I too seemed to feel a bit better after I'd thrown up - which I did every time I had a migraine, no forcing required. I used to feel sick, drained and ill for several days afterwards.

    Hope you're feeling much better today.

  4. So sorry you have been unwell. My mum has them sometimes and they are totally debilitating!
    J x


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