Saturday a.m.

Up with the lark - well, the dawn chorus anyway - and sitting in bed watching the world wake up through my window.
It's blissfully peaceful right now: no traffic noise, no sounds other than the birds outside and the gentle breathing of MW beside me. 
And it's Saturday morning. 
Two whole days at home. 
My week has been lovely - flowers arrived on Wednesday from my Aunt; totally out of the blue, no birthday or anything, just a 'thank you' for our hospitality over the wedding weekend!
Then yesterday more unexpected flowers: this time a beautiful all-white arrangement, in a box!
Another thank you. 

This week I'm hoping to finish the hand quilting of GD's wedding quilt, and I'll share the ta-daa and my how-to on here.

As we are forecast showers today, I'm planning to empty out my craft cupboard (aargh!), and have a sort and a tidy.
I've made no meal plans for the weekend so far - we'll be continuing with the 'empty the freezer' theme and I'll discuss options with folks over breakfast.  
I'm thinking about a curry for dinner tonight, but we'll see what they have in mind.  
Now there are four adults in the house, it's not always my responsibility to have to plan or cook, which is lovely!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Do you have set meals over the two-days?



  1. Good morning fellow riser! I woke at 2.21am for a wee. I'm listening to the sounds of gale force winds hurtling down the chimney and the heating cranking through the pipes!

  2. Good question. As it's only me most of the time I plan my menu and generally stick to it but WHEN I have the meals is pretty flexible.
    Sunday dinner is usually fixed as my daughter and grandson come over.
    J x

  3. Just been catching up with your posts. We have a busy week end gala float decorating. L is this years gala queen elect and will be crowned on 13th June so very busy. I will also be sewing her dress and cloak.
    I enjoy listening to the dawn chorus.
    Have a great week end

  4. I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, due to the heat. It's gone from one extreme to the other?? I do make a meal plan but we generally eat out one day or the other.

  5. What a lovely surprise to receive two deliveries of flowers♥ Mother's Day here today so I've been very spoilt:) Meals are generally planned for the week but we often swap the days depending on our mood. I'm a morning person so always up with the larks:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Linda x


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