Thank you for the very genuine words sent today.

In my previous blog I told the story of the jar of purple sand: where our emotional strength can be pictured as such an object. 
We give out comfort and support to others and get the same in return and all is well; but at times we run ourselves low by giving and giving and giving.
Then our jar of sand runs low and we get low emotionally.

We need to take time out to top ourselves up again.

Kindness from other people when you're low can help immeasurably.

Thank you for today.
I'm sending you kindness and peace in return.


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  1. Now I feel awful I didn't send any kind words! However, you just need to know I keep you close in my heart x

    1. I have been on both sides of this 'black dog' business and sometimes when long term support gives way, it can be because they just cannot go down with that person once more. It is a survival instinct, I have come to understand that now. However as you say some people jump ship straight away just because they can't or won't understand. There is a difference.

  2. hope you are feeling better today very pretty colour the sand you a bit of purple


  3. Hi there, hope you will be feeling well soon. You have a good heart.
    After my lifted mood, its slowly dropping again. Have stepped back from 'best friend' and she has noticed and is being stubborn (although I know she has elderly mother problems). Another old friend has saved me this past year (and I have saved her in the last 2 months as well). But, my main problem still remains.
    You are extremely blessed with your MW, (and other family members of course).
    Take care, hun
    susan x
    PS so tempted to tell the MacDonalds-eating DB and his wife to **** off

    1. i feel we are on the same wave length....lets say the last words together to the same people

    2. Thank you Tess, The MeanQueen (Life After Money) had very similar problems, I guessed who it was and she confirmed it to me. I wish I had paid attention to see if the follower numbers had dropped as a consequence of her f*ckwittery.
      In my opionion it is jealousy of 'The Beautiful Life' that FM has with a gorgeous close and loving family.


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