Doing what makes you happy

I do hope that title didn't make you think rude thoughts! ;-)

Yesterday, Man Wonderful and I took the two babies out for a picnic to the park.
Instead of stopping and making a packed lunch, we had a big treat and stopped off at the chip shop for two bags of chips to share!  I grabbed the patchwork that lives in the car to sit on, and we took time out from our normal routine.

It was warm and sunny, the park was filled with families large and small, and everyone was chilled out and seemed just happy to be there.
For the princely sum of 50p, MW took the 2 year-old on a ride.

We walked to the park and back, and just had such a simple, fun time.

Today we're off out to one of our local National Trust venues for a run around; this time taking our own sarnies.

What simple things make you happy?


  1. So many things. Pottering in the kitchen, reading in the garden (reading anywhere, in fact), talking to my children (in my class), listening to classic FM, knitting, sewing, watching the clouds, looking at the trees in the breeze . . . and so many other things.

  2. A stroll down the canal with the HG brings back memories of walking down with our two cherubs. That makes me happy x

  3. Pottering in the garden, walking with the terrible twosome, being held by my George all of these make life with the Dog doable.

  4. Getting up in the morning and looking out of the bedroom window at the cows with their little calves in the field in front of our garden, and the views across farmland to the Quantock hills in the distance.....I feel so thankful and so very lucky to live where we do. Just the simple pleasure of watching wildlife and the farmers busy in the fields makes my heart sing.

  5. a day of doing nothing, just sitting reading, or knitting with dh.

  6. I am so glad that you are well and blogging again. I rarely commented but always read your blog and was saddened when you were no longer able to post. Very best wishes to you and yours.
    Lesley (used to post as terriersintiaras)


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