What I'm enjoying on the box

Super premise, well written.
I discovered this by accident.
Seriously, if you get the chance, watch it.
I've not laughed so much in ages.
Very funny to those of us 'of a certain age'.

Peter Kay's Car Share.
This was brilliant too, and I'm very pleased to read the BBC are planning another series.

I will never tire of watching this. 
It's so witty and well-written.
I've usually got a few repeats taped in reserve.

What are you currently enjoying on the box? 


  1. Oh lord, all sorts and everything! Peter Kay's car share was just fantastic.
    I live Revenge - so called indulgent entertainment - it's SOOOI crap but I'm hooked.
    Wayward Pines
    No Offence
    Game OfThrones ( naturally )
    And I'm currently mud box set of Critical - bloody hell its graphic!!

  2. Mid boxset not mud.
    Work seriously gets in the way of my TV career!!

  3. we have been enjoying blackadder for the millionth time...given up on the news always sad...do you watch blue bloods ? cant beat a bit of tom selleck

    take care tessa


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