What's in my handbag!

Following on from the provocative 'what's in my ... ' series, I thought I'd share what is in my actual handbag actually right now.

With pictures!

This blog post came about as I was sat outside the builders' merchants this morning, waiting for Man Wonderful.

Charcoal eyeliner pencil, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, my bunch of keys - including my Red Cross emergency face shield for giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 

My gorgeous purse. I've had it years and years.

Hair band, tweezers (don't know why I have these in my handbag..), two small pencils, biro, adult Bonjela 

Elastic band

Hanky (I don't use tissues)

My current sock knitting.

 The contents of my purse:

Waterstones loyalty card, bank card, 25p (literally the last of the big spenders!)

Mr Tesco clubcard, driving license (still have one although I don't drive anymore), loyalty card for donations to the Red Cross, my library card

Libertys loyalty card (I've never been, but it's SO pretty and I will get to go one day..), Waitrose card, and Costa card

And that's that!

No rubbish, no crap, no anything else!

I did think I'd have at least one screwed-up receipt and a 1p in there as well as a couple of biros but I've even impressed myself!

I will confess though that I'm not a regular handbag user.
I don't take it to work with me, so that's five days a week it lives at home, and being epileptic I'm never out and about alone so have no real need to be Mrs Independent.

Now over to you: what's in your handbag?


  1. I'm extremely impressed! :-)
    J x

  2. what a comprehensive list....i have a purse that has seen better days and scarily similar cards to yours....some paper tissues hate hankies...bunch of keys...shopping list book ...biro..a couple of pounds dont really do cash i like to use my debit card and thats about it

    not very exciting but all i need oh and a bottle of water
    take care tessa

  3. Never seen a mouth shield for mouth-to-mouth. Are you a first-aider or nurse or is this just something you feel you should carry, a 'just-in-case' emergency aid? I once had to attend to a RTA, a motorcyclist had been knocked off his bike and had a broken leg. I stayed with him while husband went to call the ambulance at a local garage. I remembered that I must not remove his helmet in case he'd suffered a head trauma. We got our rug from the car to make him as comfortable as possible. I never knew who he was or how he got on after that, but at least we didn't do anything wrong.
    Love your pink purse!
    Margaret P

    1. Hi Margaret, Man Wonderful and I are Red Cross trained first aiders. Xxx

    2. New guidelines (well, here in North America) no longer pushes mouth to mouth when doing CPR. The focus is on chest compressions. Keeps blood flowing to the brain.

      Fingers crossed in 15 years of being a nurse, I've never had to use this skill.


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